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Wholesaling Houses Listed with Real Estate Agents PART TWO | Wholesale Real Estate

Join Ryan Zolin and I on our LIVE YouTube show, “Millionaire Before 30, Episode 4!”
We had such incredible feedback and more questions than we could answer so we decided to do Part Two!

Video Breakdown:

00:00 – 30:00 MLS Deal
31:00 – 1:30:00 Q&A Begins
How the double dip worked?
As a Investor/Realtor when calling the listing agent do you disclose that you are a realtor especially that I am planning to wholesale it?
What does the conversation look like when building a bond with a real estate agent to do business?
Do you mind explaining more about the relationship between a real estate agent you know personally & the listing agent ? Would the agent you know make the commission when the house is sold ?
I’m a licensed agent.. how do I make this happen for myself ?
As a new agent (as or this week) I am excited about using MLS to farm deals. What are some of the key terms/words you use as search parameters for setting up searches in MLS.
I spoke with my realtor friend and he said he will work with me. What’s my next step ?
How can you leverage real estate agents so they bring you ugly off-market deals, and/or properties they don’t want to touch?
Can you be a licensed agent and wholesaler simultaneously and get paid as the agent and wholesaler on the same deals?
I’m in MD where dual agency is not allowed. Will I still need an agent to represent me if I’m getting a deal from a realtor?
Why would a realtor have a buyer agent reach out to help me after i told her I am an investor and don’t need any representation as she could represent both?
What disclosures do I need in my contracts if I’m an RE agent and Wholesaler?
Should I take a break off wholesaling to get my real estate license or I should I keep the flow going with wholesale?
Is there a fee in a pay the realtor for partnering with me?
How do i find someone to take pictures of a property for me ASAP??
Is it ok to double close on every deal?
How do I start conversation with seller when walking through the home to make seller feel comfortable, and how do you ease into giving seller offer?
How do you find a buyer if you don’t have any?
After you find your buyer for your contract , are you supposed to send the original contract to the buyer as well? We have to send both?
How to formally/professionally cancel a contract? ):
How have you guys blocked out nay-sayers? My family is deadset on the idea of graduating college and getting a regular job. They claim real estate should be a “side-hustle” and it’s driving me nuts

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