House Flipping Beginner In Virginia – How He Started Flipping

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Stephen is the perfect example of investing smarter, not harder. As a newcomer to the real estate world, Steven knew where his knowledge gaps were and took the initiative to learn more about the industry before diving right in. Any prospective investor like Stephen can rely on Do Hard Money to help them sharpen their skills before, during, and after their first flip.

Some people might be frustrated when they discover that real estate investing involves a lot of numbers, so many in fact that it’s easy to lose track of them all. With a little help from DHM, however, you’ll feel like a pro, able to use these numbers to calculate the best deals in your area. In addition, our project management resources are readily available whenever you’re stuck at a roadblock and not sure how to proceed.

Even with Stephen’s newfound investment knowledge, he understood that he’s only one person. In real estate, you never want to go it alone. Stephen needed someone to fill in the gaps that he couldn’t handle on his own, so we stressed to him the importance of hiring a general contractor. Every investor needs to know what’s behind the scenes before they buy. The opinion of a contractor, combined with Do Hard Money’s evaluation tools, shows investors what’s not on the surface, so they can be extra sure they’re making a great deal. Consider it an extra level of protection for you, the investor.

Last but not least, Stephen needed the funds to close on the deal. Of course, that’s where DHM plays the most important role. Stephen didn’t have much to bring to the table, but that’s no problem for us. In his case, he was able to get by with only the money he needed for the closing. We handled the rest.

Stephen didn’t start out as the super confident investor he is today. It took a lot of hard work on his part and encouragement from his friends at DHM. We want you to have that same level of confidence after your first flip. That’s why we support you every step of the way, through everything the industry throws at you, just like we did with Stephen here.

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Our Average customer profit for those that purchase our program, find a qualified property, and obtain a loan is $39,714 for the year 2020. Results will vary. This excludes loans for properties previously owned by borrower & refinanced with DHM loan, and DHM loan payoffs by refinancing with another lender. This also excludes REO properties. Where available, profit was calculated using proceeds to seller acquired from borrower resale HUDs. Where borrower resale HUDs were not available, profit was calculated using sale price from public records and estimated closing costs of 7% of resale price. All calculations include estimated valuation and inspection costs of $800 and estimated holding costs of 0.08% of the resale price per month the property was held. Profit calculations are AFTER paying borrower back their cash-to-close and earnest money deposit.

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