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Seller Success Story – Buying & Selling Real Estate With Us Is A Win Win Situation
Seller Success Stories – Buying & Selling Real Estate With Us Is A Win Win Situation


I want to share with you an inspiring success story about selling real estate. I remember one day I was calling around looking for property that has extra land for one of my builder, his name is Paul, someone I have been working with for a long time. So I remember calling this lady who actually has this property over on 35th avenue south and south webster st. And I called her and I said, Ma’am I noticed you own this property and you have a big lot, have you ever thought about selling? And she said yes I have. I talked to her and she said she wants to sell now and she told me what she wants for it and I thought oh its pretty good and I told Paul. Paul thought hey it sounds like a pretty good price. And so I set up a meeting so me and Paul and her would sit down and discuss about buying her property and determine the final price. So I remember sitting there and the lady was such a sweet sweet lady, been there all her live and she said listen, I am just ready to move the house need a lot of work and I want to sell it as-is and just be done with it. And I remember sitting there Paul asked me, Ok, he looked at me like Thach, ask her what she wants for it right and when does she wants to sell it? I turned to Paul and was like ok no problem, so I asked the lady. So ma’am how much do you want to sell the property as is that make you happy so you can move out of this property and be completely whole and close this chapter in your life? And she said I want, 350,000 – 400,000 for the property. She said that and I thought oh ok that sounds fair price I looked at Paul and Paul was like Ok. So what do we do, what do we do? And I remembered he was looking at me and I said to him and I looked at the owner and said, ma’am if you got 350,000 for your property today, would you sell it to Paul? And the lady paused and said ABSOLUTELY I am ready to move on with my life and I am ready to sign the paper work. Paul was like shock. What do we do. So that time I pulled out the paper work and I signed all the paper right there and then put the deal together right there and the owner was so happy because we just basically took this burden of her plate and Paul was so happy buying this property in that moment. He thought that we have to meet several more times to make this happen. And that is to show you folks when you have a motivated seller who wants to sell and you have a motivated buyer who wants to buy, it don’t get anymore simple than putting the deal together.


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Seller Success Stories – Buying & Selling Real Estate With Us Is A Win Win Situation

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