Flipping America Buyers Club

Thursday August 5, 7:30 pm eastern, Flipping America Buyers Club

TO JOIN THE CLUB CLICK THE LINK https://rogerblankenship.com/product/buyers-club/

We launched the Flipping America Buyers Club in July 2020 as a “done-for-you” investment in cash-flow. The premise is simple and the system is provided.

The Premise:
We buy inexpensive houses (we call them BOR houses) all over the country to seller-finance as fixer-uppers. We might buy for X and sell for 2X or sometimes more. This creates a terrific return on investment. The beautiful part about this method is there are no rehabs, no renters, no termites, no toilets, and very few of the headaches associated with normal rental properties. This doesn’t replace rental properties but is a great high return companion for them.

The System:
We find the houses and make them available to club members for a modest fee. We then show our members exactly what to do or our team is available to take those steps as well. Our system makes it easy and convenient to deploy your investment capital into high-return cash flow.

In this video, we will provide some stats, show you some real numbers, talk about the process, and extend a limited invitation for you to join. Membership is not always open – it depends on our ability to provide properties for everyone. But we have room right now for the next 27 people who join. And inside the club, we have a dozen properties ready for purchase – eye-popping returns.

TO JOIN THE CLUB CLICK THE LINK https://rogerblankenship.com/product/buyers-club/

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