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What’s Going On In The Housing Market | November 2021

For the past two years, the housing market has been on a wild ride. Inventory has been all over the place, interest rates are low but rising, and market competition has been as high as anyone can remember. But new data reveals that the housing market madness may have peaked, and we could be heading towards a healthier, more balanced market in the coming months.

Dave (@thedatadeli) has scoured through housing data to put together the best housing market prediction around, using real-world numbers and none of the mainstream “housing market crash” hype. Dave looks at the four crucial factors of a housing market: housing prices, home sales, new listings, and market competition to see what lies on the housing market horizon.

What do you think will happen in 2022? Will we see a more stable growth reflective of the past decade, or will a boom/bust hit us due to inflation, lack of housing, and demand growth? Let us know in the comments below!

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2022 Housing Market Predictions:

The Best Real Estate Markets For 2021-2022:

The Best Real Estate Markets For 2021-2022: Why You Need To Invest In The Austin Housing Market Right Now!

Has the Market Reached Its Peak?

Home Prices Continue to Rise—But Has the Market Reached Its Peak?

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0:00 Winding Down Another Crazy Year
0:54 Housing Prices
4:55 Home Sales
07:57 New Listings
10:22 Market Competition
13:22 A “Return to Normal” on The Horizon

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