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Millennials BOYCOTT the 2021 Housing Market. ON STRIKE until Home Prices Crash.

Millennials are ON STRIKE from the 2022 US Housing Market. Until Home Prices Crash, Millennials will BOYCOTT the Real Estate Market and continue to rent.

Perhaps the biggest MYTH (dare I say LIE) in the current US Housing Market is that this generation of Millennials are interested in, or able to, purchase homes. Realtors, real estate investors, and mainstream financial press outlets like the Wall Street Journal all have a hand in spreading this myth.

But looking at hard data from the US Census Bureau reveals a very different reality. One where real estate demand from young adults in America is dwindling. And where Millennials simply don’t have the finances to be able to afford buying a house.

Consider this: the number of 25-44 Year Old Households in America in 1990 was 42 Million. Today that figure is 43 Million. Basically ZERO GROWTH in real estate demand is coming from young adults. Meanwhile, Seniors and Baby Boomers are occupying an increasing share of the Housing Market.

At the same time, and perhaps relatedly, Millennials / Young Adults are saving roughly the same amount today that they were in the late 1980s ($3-5k for the typical Millennial), While savings has stagnated, the down payment required to by a home has tripled, from $5k in 1989 to over $15k in 2021.

The third indicator of declining Millennial Housing Demand is the tremendous decline in the number of marriages and births in America. Way fewer households today are married with children. That’s a big problem for the US Real Estate Market, because it’s ultimately family formation and children that provide the biggest incentive for a young couple to become a first time home buyer.

The combination of 1) Lower Millennial Housing Demand, 2) Deteriorating Millennial Finances Relative to Down Payments, and 3) Declining Marriage and Birth Rates suggests that rathe than supporting the Housing Market, Millennials are BOYCOTTING it.

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0:00 Millennials are ON STRIKE from Housing Market
1:34 Dispelling the MYTH: Millennial Demand is Strong
2:46 Point #1: Declining Real Estate Demand
4:03 Stagnating 25-44 Year Old Households
5:12 Seniors and Baby Boomers are the REAL GROWTH
5:55 Point #2: Millennial Finances Are Priced Out
7:38 The Real Estate Mainstream IGNORES THIS
8:57 Point #3: Marriages and Births are Way Down
10:14 BIG PROBLEM for the US Housing Market
11:39 My Personal Anecdote!
12:14 Who is Supporting the US Housing Market?
13:21 Seniors & Investors: Not Sustainable Demand
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