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What Is A Subject To Real Estate Deal?

Each investor has their own favorite strategy when it comes to buying properties, but one of the most preferred methods is using “Subject To”. So what is a “Subject To” real estate deal? Watch this video to learn more about this strategy!

Watch And Enjoy!
Matt Theriault

Key Moments In This Episode
00:00 Intro & Summary
00:40 What Is “Subject To” In Real Estate?
01:05 Why Sellers Use “Subject To”
02:05 What Happens If You Don’t Pay
02:39 How To Close A “Subject To” Real Estate Deal
03:03 Risks Of Doing A “Subject To” Real Estate Deal
03:35 How To Do A “Subject To” Real Estate Deal
04:46 Learn More About Creative Financing Strategies

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What Is Creative Financing For Real Estate

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Matt Theriault has been investing in income real estate using creative acquisition and exit strategies and showing others how to do it for more than a decade! His reasoning? If you know something that could help somebody, it’s just not cool to keep it to yourself. So, he created Epic Real Estate to help the average person create a better life through real estate investing.

Whether you’re curious, just getting started, seasoned, or just plain frustrated, this channel is your source for everything you need to know to escape the rat race and reach financial independence.

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