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13 Questions to Ask When Buying Land

Buying land and want to know what questions to ask? Then this video is for you!

In this video, I highlight and review 13 very important questions everyone should ask when buying land anywhere in the U.S.
No matter if you’re buying land in California, buying land in Colorado, buying land in Texas, buying land in Florida, or any other state.

Buying land is nothing like buying a house and you’ll need to understand the important differences between the two or you’ll end up making a huge financial mistake.

Helpful Resources:
Environmental hazards search: – also check your state’s environmental website.
Easement search: check your local assessor’s office website to start
Google earth or google maps: use this to get a wide overhead view of the land you’re considering to buy to spot features, characteristics, or issues faster than on foot.
Realtors: Find a local realtor that focuses on buying and selling land. A realtor who mainly focuses on buying and selling houses will likely not be very helpful.

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