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Corporate GREED is CRUSHING the U.S. Housing Market

I wish I didn’t have to make this video, but something needs to be said. This is absolutely ridiculous, that large corporations are making RECORD BREAKING profits buying homes that average Americans would normally be able to buy and turning them into rentals, creating a huge shortage and uptick in pricing in the U.S. housing market. Let’s talk about it.

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0:00 Corporate greed is a HUGE concern right now
1:21 Our American values make this possible
2:27 Corporations should not be banned from buying
3:06 It’s time to curb corporate investment in real estate
3:41 Everyday Americans are the ones suffering
4:48 Last real estate crash, was too much inventory
5:37 Cap how much real estate corps can buy
6:37 Rising interest rates probably won’t do anything to solve this
7:42 If you work hard, you should be able to buy a home

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