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What I Would Do If The Real Estate Market Crashed Tomorrow

If the market crashes tomorrow, this is what I would do…

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A lot of people ask me what I would do if the market were to crash tomorrow, so I thought I’d make a video about the steps I would take.

I definitely do not think the market is going to crash anytime soon. The real estate market has been in great shape lately with lots of supply and low interest rates.

Before the real estate market crashes, it would give a few indicators beforehand. Typically, the real estate follows the stock market. So if the stock market crashes, the real estate market follows lags behind.

First I would check out how fast the house market supply is increasing and why. In 2020, supply increased a lot due to the pandemic and lockdowns. I do not think this type of reasoning is a market crash indicator. As it turns out, I was right. However, if it was indicating a crash, I would sell my house flips quickly. I have over 50 active flips in short term, high interest loans. I need to find their exit strategies quickly and take my profits, or break even.

Even though a market crash requires me to get rid of my house flips, I could still continuing buying real estate. I would just be getting better deals and making better profits! I could start purchasing houses for rentals. There is no need to liquidate my rental properties because they will still bring in cashflow.

In my businesses, I would adapt my business and thrive. I would try to double down on my marketing and bring talent to my teams.

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