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Why The Real Estate Market Is Ruined For Home Buyers!

With so many homes going into foreclosure, and new construction, why do most never come available to market? This is Why the Real Estate Market Is Ruined For Home Buyers!
Watch to the end to see an easy solution to the problem!

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We “the people” need to do what we can to address big problems like this. We can’t rely on governments and politions.
We have power in numbers, but political parties intentionally try to divide us, to weaken the power we could have if we all united, and also to divert our attention away from what is really going on.

I also want to add: Property investors follow a mathmatical formula on every purchase that ensures profits every time. Unless there is a market crash, it is a bullet-proof formula to riches. With so many billions invested into real estate now, they need to stop a market crash from ever happening, and they can!
By continuing to buy our inventory out, they can keep the home supply so low, which will keep a crash from ever happening, but sadly that leads many of us to no longer being able to afford a home and being trapped into paying high rents.

A surplus of inventory is what we need to cause a crash… so is their strategy to stop that from ever happening so they don’t lose billions?

They even have a high stake ownership in Ancestry .com I have just learned! They want our real estate, everything we consume, and now our DNA too?

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