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Don’t Invest in Real Estate Until You Watch This!

Real estate investing can be a lucrative career—as long as you know what property to buy and how to sell it. Santino Filipelli is a real estate business expert, and he’s sharing his real estate knowledge and tips in this video.

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Santino learned how to invest in real estate just after the 2010 crash. Today, he is the owner of the investment company Northwest Home Investments, as well as two construction companies and two locations of Modern Realty, where he serves as principal broker as well as the owner. All five businesses are thriving, with a growth rate of 521% over the past 3 years and a 2021 GCI of $2.1 million.

In this episode, Santino breaks down the basics of real estate investing for beginners, along with sharing advice for established real estate professionals. He’ll share how he financed his first investment and what signs he looks for to know if a property is a smart buy. We’ll also find out how he connects with sellers to find available properties priced to turn a profit, and how he builds relationships with buyers to get the full value out of his sales.

Owning multiple businesses brings unique challenges, even when they’re all in the same niche. Today, we’ll hear Santino’s systems for managing his workload, and how his companies fit together to drive each other’s revenue growth and success.

Anyone wondering how to invest in real estate needs to watch this video! You can learn more about Modern Realty online at

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0:00 Intro
0:52 Santino Breaks Down His LLC’s
2:04 Going From Nothing To Everything
2:59 The Key To a Successful AirBNB
4:03 How To Find New Deals
5:17 Background on Santino’s Property
6:48 How To Get Into Real Estate
7:42 How To Make The Most Profit
8:18 What It’s Like Running Multiple Businesses
9:19 Essentials You Need To Start a Business
10:33 Understanding Profit Better
12:01 The Main Source of Revenue
12:24 The Importance of Branding
14:18 Systems and Processes
15:22 What To Do if You’re NOT a Real Estate Agent
16:06 How To Scale FAST
17:12 Tips on Hiring Employees
17:52 Where The Highest Profit Margins Are
18:43 Bad Months vs. Good Months
19:32 The Perfect Leadership Style
20:22 Successfully Building Relationships
21:30 Tips for Starting an Investment Company
22:10 How To Spot a Good Deal
22:45 Blitz Time With Santino!
24:17 What Santino Would’ve Done Differently
25:06 Exploring Santino’s World
26:14 Tips and Tricks on Scaling Quicker
27:42 How To Manage Personal Time
29:03 How To Further Your Skills
30:20 The Best Part of Investing
31:30 Key Advice to Entrepreneurs Watching

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