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7 Signs of a Bad Real Estate Agent & Finding Rockstar Realtors

The signs of a bad real estate agent aren’t very clear if you’re a new investor. But, after trial and error and a lot of deals done, you’ll be able to weed out the basic agents from the rockstar realtors. If you’re brand new to real estate investing, there’s no need to sort through ten agents just to find out what makes the good ones great. Today, we’re giving you a shortcut as we pick the brain of one of the top real estate agents in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the country!

Johnny Hoang just began his real estate agent journey only a short two years ago, but he’s been able to close on an astounding $67M in home sales despite having such a short time in the market. Even with things as hot as they are, that’s a very impressive number from any agent, let alone a rookie! Of course, it should come as no surprise that Johnny is a student of David Greene and works with David daily.

In today’s show, David and co-host Rob Abasolo break down what it means to be a great real estate agent. They walk through different scenarios and situations with Johnny so you, the listeners, come away knowledgeable of the difference between an agent who will help you grow your portfolio and an agent who purely wants a commission check.

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Episode 583

Show notes at:

0:00 Intro
3:06 Quick Tip
4:15 How Agents Prioritize Different Clients
10:45 How to Talk to Rockstar Real Estate Agents
14:24 What to Look for in a Real Estate Agent
20:35 The Passive Income Blueprint
25:35 A Recent House Hack Deal
31:24 Finding The Perfect (Investor-Friendly) Agent
46:03 Signs You Have the Wrong Agent
58:33 Connect with Johnny!

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