The Housing Market FLIPPED | 30 Year Mortgage Rates Exceed 5% (up from 2.875%)

30 Year Mortgage Rates ARE DOUBLE What They Were Five Months Ago! Add me on insta @thisisjohnwilliams

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The housing market flipped on its head with mortgage rates now exceeding 5% when they were just 2.875% only five or six months ago. This will make borrowing so much more expensive for first time home buyers, house flippers and real estate investors. Not only will the costs to borrow go up but it will be much more expensive to simply manage and pay for personal debt such as credit cards, personal loans and other outstanding debts such as automotive loans.

We can bet our bottom dollar that this will have a big impact on the real estate market and the housing market. Usually when rates increase, property values decrease and when mortgage rates decrease, property values increase however how will the real estate market respond with an economy flooded with fiat currencies?

I believe that people will want to get out of dollars and into hard assets such as real estate so even though rates are flipping on the average middle income and middle class American, there is so much money out there that will flood in and scoop all of the real estate deals.

This is the only thing preventing what would normally be a real estate crash, recession or potentially an economic depression.

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