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WARNING: Yield Curve Inversion (2022 Recession IMMINENT)

Yield Curve Inversion is happening RIGHT NOW. That means a 2022 Recession & Market Crash could be around the corner.

Right now, the Yield Curve is close to inverting. That means interest rates on short-term government bonds are close to exceeding long-term government bonds. A historically BEARISH signal for the economy that often proceeds a Recession and Stock Market Crash.

Each of the last 6 Recessions in America have been proceeded by Yield Curve Inversion. Typically the Recession Starts within 12-15 Months of the Yield Curve Flipping, with job losses and higher unemployment rates occurring even sooner.

Yield Curve Inversion is also historically tied to Stock Market Crashes. Nearly every time the Yield Curve has inverted since the 1970s, the stock market has already been in a crash or crashed in the future.

Moreover – I believe that a big Housing Crash could also coincide with 2022’s Yield Curve Inversion. That’s because Home Prices in America are the highest they’ve ever been compared to fundamentals like inflation and wages.

Gas Prices Video:
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