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First Real Estate Deal | Interview with Keith Wasserman | The Signet Podcast

Today, on the Signet Podcast, I interview Keith Wasserman, Principal of Gelt, Inc. Besides being incredibly intelligent and extremely entrepreneurial, Keith’s tactics and mindset have a lot to learn from. Keith is one of the most inspiring people I’ve interviewed. He’s also one of the youngest.

He started out during the great recession buying a small property in Bakersfield with $5,000 down (on a credit card), but has been able to consistently accelerate his investment holdings using solid investment strategies. Gelt, Inc has created a portfolio of over $2 billion in valuation. Keith invests in different property types across the western United States. This was a very fun conversation that you are sure to hear some great insights.

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More than ever before, real estate investment wisdom is needed. With the exploding growth of new investors through real estate crowdfunding, increasing availability of risky opportunities, and variety of complex strategies, making smart finance decisions is more mysterious than ever.

This video is an episode of the series of The Signet Podcast. The podcast brings insightful discussions that deliver eye-opening principles and strategies from experts across the real estate industry to help our listeners with their planning and investment decisions.

Eduardo Sigal is host of The Signet Podcast.
Using his unique approach and vision of real estate, Eduardo Sigal, MBA, has been intimately involved in the industry from a young age. Growing up in the world of real estate investing has afforded Sigal the knowledge and perspective in making sound and strategic investment decisions. Using this knowledge, Sigal interviews some of the world’s most accomplished real estate developers, investors, and other business leaders to learn how they found their success.
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Signet Investments, Inc is a real estate investment and development company. These interviews are for entertainment purposes only. Although there is wisdom in how others achieved success, everyone paves their individual pathway, which may not work for all. Rely on any of this information at your own detriment or benefit. The individuals interviewed on The Signet Podcast may or may not have an affiliation with Signet Investments, Inc.

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