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What is a subject to real estate deal

Today let’s go inside my new subject to house so you understand the possibilities of what a creative finance real estate deal can actually look like. We’ll look at what repairs are needed and break down the numbers so you see how to put a subject to real estate deal together yourself. But every deal comes with it’s problems. When I was there, trying to shoot video to train you, an irate “karen” comes out her house stomping at me demanding I tell her what I was doing. She further called the police to try to get me arrested for simply shooting a video. It’s sad the state of our country today that I can’t MIND MY BUSINESS in peace without getting harassed or possibly harmed for simply existing…. Join our Subject To Lease Option Workshop below!

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00:00- My new neighbor assaults me at my new subject to property
1:42 – Let’s look at the surrounding houses in the neighborhood
2:23 – The neighbor called the police on me
3:51 – What is subject to real estate
4:45 – Look at the exterior of the house
5:19 – What repairs are needed in kitchen, living room, downstairs bathroom
7:50 – what repairs are needed in the primary bedroom, upstairs bathrooms
8:50 – Here’s the numbers, ARV, Purchase price, Renovation, and profit on this subject to deal
11:50 – What are the fees to sell a Subject To property
14:20 – Why is Subject to such a great strategy
15:20 – My Subject To lease Option 2-day virtual workshop
16-20 – Is subject to legal is my state

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