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Real Estate in Germany #10: How to Save Money for Buying a Home or Investing in German Real Estate

Would you like to buy Real Estate here in Germany? 🤔
If so, you should start saving for all the fees, taxes, and of course the property itself. Because trying to buy Real Estate in Germany without any money will be next to impossible & will cost you in form of a really high interest rate.

But what is the best way to save for Real Estate in Germany? 🤔
And what is the best way to save for your personal situation? 🤔

Axel will show you the 5 savings options for Real Estate that all can make sense plus the 1 savings option you should definitely avoid.


Calculators Axel mentioned:

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Best Bank Account in Germany

Best Savings Account in Europe Calculator:*

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Public Pension Calculator:


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00:00 Intro
01:19 Why Even Save Money For Real Estate?
02:48 Savings Option 1 For Real Estate: Bank & Savings Account
04:22 Get A Consumer Loan For Real Estate Fees?
05:07 Savings Option 2 For Real Estate: Stocks, ETFs & Mutual Funds
06:27 Savings Option 3 For Real Estate: Pensions
08:16 Savings Option 4 For Real Estate: Other Investments
09:30 Savings Option 5 For Real Estate: Properties You Bought Before
10:53 Savings Option You Should Avoid: Bausparvertrag


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